Mason VX-504 Dual Channel VHF Wireless Headset and Lapel Microphone System

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The Mason VX-504 Dual Channel VHF Wireless Headset Microphone system is a true professional wireless audio solution using companding technology. When companding circuitry is used in pro wireless audio the signal is compressed prior to transmission and then expanded after it is received resulting in a truer sound more like that of a wired microphone with less noise and a greater dynamic range.
As the frequency is quartz controlled with maximum stability (+/- 0.005%) you can be assured that your signal will always be strong, clear and at a level volume and will never cut in and out.

Located on the front of the receiver is a power LED and two signal LED's (one for each microphone) to give visual cues to let you know that the power is on and which microphone is transmitting. Also found on the front panel are volume controls for each microphone to allow you to adjust each channel level to your liking.

The receiver is equipped with a standard 1/4" output allowing you to send both channels (mixed) to one input such as an amplifier. As the VX-504 is a complete and versatile unit it is also equipped with a balanced XLR output jack enabling you to send both channels (mixed) to a mixing console.

The bodypack transmitters are equipped with a "mute" switch which allows you to cut the signal from the microphone without turning it off completely. This ensures that no noise is sent through to the speakers caused by turning the microphone on and off. Additionally, they also have a volume control allow you to adjust the volume whenever needed.

If you're in the market for a professional grade wireless VHF microhone system then the VX-504 is for you. Be sure to carefully compare the VX-504 specifications closely with those from other manufacturers and you'll see that not only does the VX-504 compete on the same level with the best known brands we're also offering it at a fantastic price!

  • brand new with a full 1 year warranty
  • dual channel system with both headset and lavalier microphones
  • complete dual channel VHF wireless microphone solution
  • extremely reliable (+/-0.005%) quartz controlled frequency stability
  • standard 1/4" output for connecting both mics (mixed channel) to an amplifier
  • standard balanced XLR output for connecting both mics (mixed channel) to an amplifier
  • total freedom from wires
  • strong build quality and high quality electronic components
  • rich and warm vocal reproduction

  • one (1) dual band VHF receiver
  • two (2) belt-pack wireless transmitters
  • two (2) headset boom microphones
  • two (2) lavalier (lapel) microphones
  • one (1) 1/4" to 1/4" patch cable
  • one (1) user's manual
  • one (1) year warranty



Effective Distance:50 metres (150 feet)
Maximum Distance:~400 feet
VHF Frequency Range:175 - 270MHz
Modulation Mode:FM
Frequency Stability:+/-0.07%
Max Deviation:+/-15KHz with level limiting
Dynamic Range:>90dB
S/N Ratio:>105dB
Frequency Response:60Hz - 13KHz +/-3dB
Working Temperature:-10C ~ 55C
Receiving:dual channel VHF
Sensitivity:15dBmV S/N over 80dB
Image Rejection:>75dB
Spurious Rejection:>60dB
Audio output:-12dB/600ohm unbalanced and balanced
Dimensions:1.25" x 19" x 7" (HxWxD)
Weight:1 lb. approx
Transmitter (each mic)
Mic Element:condenser capsule
RF output:10 - 50mv
Battery:one (1) 9V battery (starter battery included)